The Stories That Industrial Photography Reveal

Posted on Dec 6, 2017

The Stories That Industrial Photography RevealIndustrial photography is one of the less popular types of professional photography, but that doesn’t make it any less intriguing and exciting, as it’s an absolute fascinating sector of photography to get into. Many photographers opt for the fairy tale photo opportunities, such as weddings and lively events where they get to photograph humans in action. Landscapes and architectural photographs are also well favoured, but not many people cast a thought towards the depth and breadth of industrial or commercial photography. The team at eimage are quite the opposite.

The Stories That Industrial Photography Reveal

We’ve had the opportunity to shoot many industrial scenes and each one has taught us something incredibly valuable about business and the products that we keep in our personal space.

Have you ever thought about the products you use everyday?

  • Who made them?
  • What are they made of?
  • How were they put together?
  • How many pairs of hands did they pass through before they reached you?
  • What machines were used to create your day-to-day products?

The Stories That Industrial Photography RevealWhen you see how everything is formed and the extent of the process that a product goes through before it reaches the shops, you realise the inherent value of each and every thing. There is actually so much work that goes into making even the simplest item.

Being up close and personal with the real-life cogs that turn to create the things we need for our everyday life is somewhat humbling. To think that some of the machines we photograph actually build cars, or more machines that make hundreds of workers lives so much easier. Some of the gargantuan contraptions we shoot churning through their daily activities are actually there to create the smallest appliances or gadgets. Some of the smallest give rise to phenomenal technological items that we simply cannot live without.

The Stories That Industrial Photography Reveal

There is a certain beauty in industry. It’s quite an honour photographing the mechanical beasts behind the scenes, the ones that are working overtime to finish up a batch of computers or a box of toys. There is no rest, there is no respite. It’s an ongoing haul from dawn until dusk, creating, building, making… until the lights go out and the machines get shut down and an eery silence fills the chambers of the warehouses.

This is what we aim to bring to life through our industrial photography shoots. The life and emotion and texture in every movement and each process. The people that help the machines carry out their tasks, almost as if bonded to them like friends. The toil that is relentless in order to reach a certain target or achieve a goal. You almost see everything moving as if it’s a living, breathing beast… just putting in the hours like everyone else.

The Stories That Industrial Photography Reveal

There is so much activity and intrigue beyond the industrial sector that many don’t get to see. But with the right kind of industrial shoots, a taste of this can certainly be achieved.

Let us show you how. Contact our team of commercial photography enthusiasts and let’s go and shoot some pics of your own gargantuan machines.