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Our portrait photography portfolio speaks of grand encounters and unforgettable moments in time where we’ve had the privilege of encapsulating some of the most honourable people in history (and some not-so-honourable people, but equally as famous) into a single frame of time. There have also been junior sales assistants, receptionists and chief executive officers, sports heroes and models and grannies from next door. It doesn’t matter who makes up the subject matter, each photo is an opportunity to capture their essence and personality into a single, simple representation. And that… is something special that we never take for granted.

The art of capturing people beautifully with our studio photography prowess is what gets us out of bed on a daily basis. It’s a charge, it’s a vibe… it’s an absolute honour. Whether it’s in studio or outdoors shooting an environmental portrait, our lighting techniques, equipment and experience always ensure that the image produced is an absolute mirror of perfection.

The eimage team has built lasting relationships with a number of agencies where delivering annual reports carrying the perfect portrait is essential. We’d love the opportunity to build a relationship with you too.

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