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The nature of our business means that we’re out and about a lot – little social butterflies we are – which makes us the perfect candidates for capturing the best in event photography. When we shoot an event, we become a part of it, we create the hype, we deliver on the artistic angle and make the event photographs come to life! Whether it’s a need for corporate photography or a colourful, bustling function, eimage brings passion to the project.

Corporate Photography And Functions

Can you imagine having a lively, energetic, enthusiastic photographer at your event? Someone who clearly loves capturing the people, scenes and emotions of your event? Event photographers are a special breed of human that have to maintain a positive attitude, while being professional, encouraging people and also shooting the décor, entertainment, awards and social aspects. They are multi-talented and are often doing three different things at once… all with the same enthusiasm and skill.

When you work with eimage, you work with experienced, discerning photographers who understand the need for decorum. We know the dress code for a board dinner and can just as easily slip into a Spiderman suit for your dress up party.

That’s why you want us for your event photography needs.

Contact us today and let’s get the ball rolling.