Professional Photographer Focus: Gareth Gilmour

Posted on Oct 18, 2016

Professional Photographer Focus | Gareth Gilmour | eimageGareth Gilmour is our leading man, owner of eimage and big boss, who tends to shy away from the limelight, preferring to work around it, manipulating it until he can use it to create the perfect shot. In fact, his fascination with light and how it can be used to make magic in photography is what has spurred his journey through the art for his entire adult life.

We took a few minutes to chat to him about his professional career and how it has evolved over the years until now.

Photography Studies

Gareth’s dad gave him a camera when he was in high school, and it was from this moment that he started realising the potential that can be found when looking through the lens. He took it with him to boarding school and started figuring out how to work with aperture and shutter speed, always being guided by the allure of light and how it can transform an image. He couldn’t picture himself sitting behind a desk for the rest of his life, so he followed his heart (and the “light”) and decided to do a diploma in professional photography.

Gareth Gilmour Professional Photographer | eimage

From January 1991, Gareth was studying photography at what was then known as Pretoria Technikon (now Tshwane University), the course that he did now being offered as a degree. Back then they were working with film instead of digital, so there was a lot of work that went into processing images using chemicals and dark rooms. He had to specialise in something so he chose advertising photography (product photography and studio work) and architecture.

Gareth Gilmour Professional Photographer | eimageFor architectural photography, they used large format cameras to shoot the buildings. You could change the perspective of a building based on how you lined up the camera, which naturally lent itself to Gareth’s systematic brain and way of thinking. He had a natural flair for it, so he was drawn to study it further, obviously opting for what he could do best.

Moving Into A Professional Photographic Career

From the time Gareth started studying, he had already started working professionally too. He started a few small photography related businesses before launching Gareth Gilmour Photography, which traded successfully for over 20 years. He bought eimage with a partner in 2010 and then bought out the partner last year in 2015.  His focus and energy is now being poured into building the eimage business and brand, with the help of a team of professional photographers from various different backgrounds and degrees of seniority.

Gareth Gilmour Professional Photographer | eimage

When it comes to professional photography work, Gareth loves to work on interesting briefs that challenge him and make him think outside the box. He enjoys going to exotic locations to make something work from nothing and still holds his passion for light as the driving force behind everything he does. We can see in each and every picture that he takes that the colour and light are nothing short of perfection… this is why we keep him as our head honcho and continue to look up to him as a leader in South African photography.

Gareth Gilmour Professional Photographer | eimage