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The built environment encapsulates artistry and styling representative of era’s in human history. The merger of creativity and engineering excellence showcase human existence on this magnificent planet.

Capturing the splendour of these creations is a calling, the ability to translate the essence in a structure is our art. Some of the most memorably images are of iconic structures like the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Pyramids, Union Buildings and the Calabash. Use the passion you have for your chosen media and create something memorable. Some guidelines for you could be: Architectural, Interior design, Industrial, aerial footage, detail enhancing shots, dynamic footage and imagery. Use your skills in photography, videography and graphic design to show your best representation of the built environment and you could be the winner of not only a fantastic price from LOWEPRO but also an internship with eimage Image Creation Agency.

For June you could win:


  •  A LOWEPRO Flipside 300AWII Backpack worth R 2300.00
  •  A day with a professional who is living the dream of creating images and a living and is
    offering you a chance to realise that dream- Value “Priceless!”

Lowpro LFipside

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