WIN an internship as well as a career enhancing course worth R4000 with College of Photography.


Styled imagery incorporates video, design and photography to capture a product, location, style, design or anything really that needs to be promoted or advertised.

Present your works of art that showcase your ability to enhance a product, situation or design, imagery that advertising agencies, promotional agencies or brands would scramble to be associated alongside.

Just about everything we are exposed to today from above the line advertising to below, social media and online has been touched and directed by image creators. Whether you are a designer or film maker you are part of the process that allows brands to expose their offering and evoke an emotion that attracts people to their brand.

As the image creator you too are a brand, agencies and brands will work with creators that are aligned with the style of their desired outcome. There are trends but no rules in this sector of our industry and the interpretation of any given brief is the catalyst for creativity and inspiration of that creativity.

Use the tools at your disposal to create innovative show stopping imagery – Submit today!




Aperture: 2Camera: NIKON D750Iso: 640
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